Saving Our Tax Dollars

Willis Meadows is a principled conservative who supports lowering the tax burden on hard-working families in Greenville County. All too often, local governments spend more than they can afford and consequently raise our taxes. On County Council, Willis Meadows will fight tirelessly to reduce spending and allow taxpayers to keep more of their money.

If County Council finds itself with a surplus, Willis will lead the effort to return the surplus to the taxpayers, not spend the extra money on slush funds or pork barrel projects.

Protecting Our Property

All too often, our seniors on fixed incomes are forced to sell their homes after local governments raise property taxes over and over again. Willis Meadows will take a tough stance on keeping taxes low, including property taxes.

Willis advocates eliminating property taxes altogether, beginning with our most vulnerable citizens, seniors. After we all work and save to purchase a home, shouldn't our public officials have the courage to protect us from excessive property taxes? Willis Meadows has the courage.

Promoting Business

As a small businessman himself, Willis Meadows knows small businesses drive the American economy. Greenville County has a tremendous business atmosphere, and on County Council, Willis will strengthen small businesses.

He will defend our small businesses against overbearing government regulations, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, and allow commerce to thrive. After all, small businesses provide over 50% of new job growth in South Carolina each year.